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Updated: 3/25/2020
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The giver storyboard 5 cells There are 6, madatory

Storyboard Text

  • The river is like a barrier, stopping people from crossing over. Just like the four Caleb fell into the river, which makes me think he was going somewhere and the river stopped him. "But somehow the first little Caleb had wandered away unnoticed, and had fallen into the river," page 44.
  • The apple shows the new and undiscovered knoledge and power of Jonas. "But suddenly, Jonas noticed...the apple had changed. Just for an instant," page 24. Jonas was chosen as the reciever partially because of his developing ower to start seeing colors! Yes, it was only for an instant, but no one else could notice it, exept for the Giver.
  • The sled shows exhilaration by the memory of going down the hill for the first time, going fast! "...not wanting the exhilaration ride to end," page 82. Jonas then later imagined the scene again and again,"Again and again, as he slept, he had slid down that snow-covered hill," page 88.
  • The color red shows emotion, color shows more difference in objects,"...everythings had a shape and size,the way things still do, but they also had a quality called color," page 94.
  • "The red was so beautiful," page 95. Jonas started to experience the difference from just all of the sameness.
  • Elsewhere shows freedom and beyond, getting away from the ultimate time of release. Getting away from the ultimate sameness of the community. Also going beyond the community. "If you get away, if you get eyond, if you get else where..." page 155.
  • The End
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