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Maus Storyboard
Updated: 12/5/2018
Maus Storyboard
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  • Vladek gets in touch with some smugglers to see if they can help him and his wife go to Hungary to escape the Nazis and so they don't have to be in hiding anymore.
  • Vladek talking to the smugglers
  • Abe is going with the smugglers and Vladek is trying to convince Anja
  • He tries to convince his wife Anja, but isn't succeeding at doing so, so he comes up with a way to prove to her that its a good idea. They send a friend Abe, with the smugglers first and he'll send them a letter informing them if its safe or not and if they're good at their job.
  • Miloch is hiding while Vladek is trying to calm down the pig's
  • At the same time he tries to helps his cousin Miloch get into a better hiding place once he finds out the conditions him and his family where living in. But there are others who know about the Jews in hiding and use it to blackmail the people hiding them. He calms them down and tries to make sure everything is right/settled because he might be leaving to Hungary.
  • Abe sends in the letter saying he's happy being free and that they need to join him as soon as possible. Once Anja knows that he is safe she finally agrees to go. Her and Vladek pack their things and meet the smugglers at the train station. But before leaving he tells Miloch where his new hiding place will be and where he needs to go.
  • Vladek is telling Miloch where his new hiding spot is 
  • The smugglers are off to the side while he Gastpos takes Vladek and Anja
  • Once they are with the smugglers they pay their final payment and receive their tickets. One of the smugglers goes off and makes a phone call which worries Vladek. They then travel for an hour and make it to Bielsko. Then suddenly Gestapos raided the place and took Vladek and Anja and put them in prison.
  • A few days later a truck came and took about 100 of them. Vladek and Anja reunited one more time and the truck arrived at its destination, it was Auschwitz. They both knew that they probably weren't coming back out.
  • A group of Jews are being taken by the Nazis
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