Revenge Upon Malvolio
Updated: 11/11/2020
Revenge Upon Malvolio

Storyboard Text

  • Maria is a genius! This letter is a masterpiece!
  • Indeed Andrew! When Malvolio reads it, He will think Olivia loves him.
  • Here he comes! Hide!
  • Oh how I wish I could marry Olivia! Then I could boss Sir Toby and everyone else around and do what I want!
  • Aw be quiet you peasant!
  • Miserable fool!
  • Hey! What is this? This is Olivia's handwriting and its addressed to MOAI. Well, that must be me!
  • Oh I should just shoot him!
  • Its working! He thinks the letter is for him!
  • Wow! It says that if I love her I should smile cheerfully, wear yellow stocking cross-gartered and be rude to her family and servants. She must be in love with me!
  • Idiot!
  • He is so stupid! He's actually falling for it!
  • This is crazy! I better perform these tasks in front of her. Then she will know I love her too and her fortune will be mine!
  • Wow! And I thought Sir Andrew had rocks in his head!
  • Hey boys, I cannot believe Malvolio is so gullible! Lets go see him do these tasks.
  • You are the smartest woman alive, Maria. Let's go watch him embarras himself!
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