Updated: 3/9/2021

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  • Setting
  • Characters introduced
  • Hey guys want some drugs.
  • Why do you have drugs your a kid.
  • Say no
  • Come on just buy some.
  • NO that stuff is bad for us we don't want any.
  • Tallis and his cousin are walking then a "friend" asked them do you want some drugs.
  • Tell why not, offer other ideas
  • Just take some.
  • You can come and play with us.
  • No because our parents will kill us.
  • They asked why he had drugs because he's a kid just like them.
  • Promptly leave
  • Alright see you.
  • They told him no they don't want any drugs.
  • Take a timeout
  • Get out of our way.
  • NO
  • They told him why they didn't want drugs and that he could play with them.
  • Their leaving because he won't stop bothering him.
  • He got in there way because he wanted them to take some drugs and they were going to hit him him if he didn't get out of there way so they took a timeout.