tall tale
Updated: 5/30/2020
tall tale
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  • Will i ever make something of life?
  • Do you know of an old man by the name "Arthur"?
  • You mean Crazy Arthur? I heard he lives in a cabin down by the river.
  • Jimmy was a simple young man. He often kept to himself and lived his life to a minimum. One day however, Jimmy began to fill with curiosity. He wondered if he would only live day to day and die with no real accomplishments. He wished he could do something real with his life. If only he could know what the future held for him. . .
  • Awaits you, a great danger does. Tread carefully, you must.
  • What will happen to me Arthur?
  • Finally, Jimmy's curiosity got the best of him. He had once heard tales of an old man who could see into any man's future. He was called "Arthur" by the locals, many of which just though he was crazy Jimmy had heard about a place where this man stays and sought to find him.
  • I quit this stupid job!!
  • Jimmy began his search. He hiked through the forest where the river lies and followed it downstream to where Arthur's cabin supposedly stood . After a long and tiring hike, he reached the cabin.
  • What danger was Arhur talking about....?
  • Jimmy approached the cabin and saw Arthur outside, almost as if he was waiting for Jimmy. He asked the old man if he could see Jimmy's future and tell him what will happen to him. Arthur looked at Jimmy and squinted for a second, then they grew very large. Arthur's next words caused a great panic in Jimmy's heart.
  • Jimmy went back to town with lots of thoughts on his mind. He didn't know if he would die soon or what would happen to him. He decided he would make the best of his life.He went to work the next day, quit his job, and took all of his money with him to lie in Jamaica. He choose to live his life to the fullest from then on.
  • Jimmy was finally happy in life. He had everything he wanted in Jamaica, a nice house, a family, and kids. Jimmy grew old and often spent long days on the beach alone. He thought about Arthur and what he told him. It took a long time for Jimmy to realize the great danger that awaiting him. It wasn't death or a great tragedy. No, the danger was living alone and miserable for the rest of his life. Jimmy was able to avoid this danger and live his life to the fullest.
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