Updated: 3/12/2021

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  • Hi! I was a former serf. After the crusades . We are starting revolt due to the unfair ways of feudalism.
  • After the crusades many feudal leaders died. And we got a lot of ideas and our trade increased a lot. And many traders wanted no feudalism anymore.
  • Hi, I’m King John, I signed the Magna Carta. What’s the Magna Carta you might ask, well it’s a law where the king cannot restrict rights of the citizens. This law never really affected me because I became severely ill and died about a year later after it was signed.
  • The Black Death wiped about 25% to 33% of Europe’s population in the fourteenth century. There was a major labor shortage after the plague. And even higher taxes where put in order.
  • The Hundreds year War started in 1337, it was a fight between England and France.
  • The war was fought because England was dominant and had France wanted some of England land. France ended up ‘winning’ as England only had one territory
  • The Peasent revolt was in 1381. They revolted because of the tax poll. This revolt wasn’t very successful due to the poor organization.
  • Due to the Black Death, Hundreds year war, and the crusades eventually feudalism came to an end. The hundreds year war increased trade. The Black Death killed many. And the crusades made many feudal leaders die.