raccoon science comic
Updated: 2/10/2020
raccoon science comic

Storyboard Text

  • I'm better adapted to my environment because I'm nocturnal! Which means I can see in the dark when other animals can't giving me a strong advantage against them to survive, especially in DARK environments!
  • I can't seeeee!!!
  • Raccoons can fall from a height of up to 40 feet without getting hurt, which means they are well adapted to survive in an environment with lots of trees so if they fall they will be fine!
  • OOF! Oh wait! I'm okay!
  • A lot of raccoons live in the city and their hand-like front paws enable them to easier open trash cans to get & grab food to survive in the cities.
  • Nom nom! I love eating trash!
  • Raccoon's hand-like paws also allow them to climb up high places like trees to access food that other animals can't!
  • I hate you Mr. Raccoon!!!
  • Some theories about raccoons have the little cute bandit masks around their eyes is that it's to reduce glare from light when they are sneaking around in the dark or it's for the raccoons to better recognize each other...
  • teeheeheehee