the interlopers

Updated: 8/18/2021
the interlopers

Storyboard Text

  • today I hunt for the scoundrel who has been hunting on my grounds
  • i would kill him if I could
  • my mortal enemy until the end of time
  • here we meet
  • we have been trapped under a branch but it is no matter, my men will be here soon
  • the blood from my eyes may have blinded me but I have men who will come for me first
  • I have a wine flask here that I wish to share with you if you can reach it
  • is this some sort of hand in friendship, because I refuse
  • I realize now that the land we are fighting over is pretty bad and we have no reason to fight, can we be friends?
  • I agree, we should be friends from now on
  • I hear footsteps! we are saved!
  • close your eyes, those are wolves