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Chumish - Mrs. Stern
Updated: 10/1/2020
Chumish - Mrs. Stern
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  • Idol
  • Idol
  • Hashem is talking to Moshe through a Nevuah right in front of Paroh.....
  • There will be one more plague. Tell BN"Y to ask their Mitzry neighbors for vessels of gold and silver.
  • ה׳
  • Moshe tells over to Paroh what Hashem said......
  • ה׳ the middle of the night, I will go out in the midst of Mitzrayim. And kill all the Firstborns in Mitzrayim,from the firstborns servents of Paroh until the firstbornes of the maidservents,and all the firstborn animals.....(when it says from all the firstborn servents of Paroh to the firstborn maidservents, it is also saying also everyone between those level.)
  • Then Moshe continues.....
  • There will be a humungous cry in Mitzrayim, that has never and will never happen. And to the Yidden "No dog will sharpen it's tongue, there will be a seperation between the Mitzriyim and the Yidden. And all your servents will go down to me, they will bow, and they will beg me to go out of here. And then after I will go out.
  • Then Moshe walks out of the palace, with burning anger.
  • Moshe and Aharon performe miricles in front of Paroh....
  • miracles
  • miracles
  • 2nd Rashi...
  • When it says "וירדוּ כל עבדיך" why dos it say that all your servents will go down, we know the the story as Paroh went down? This is because, it would be disrespectful to say the "king".
  • miracles
  • The End
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