Romeo and Juliet Act Four
Updated: 2/18/2021
Romeo and Juliet Act Four

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  • Romeo and JulietAct Four
  • I hate this! My father is making me marry Paris whom I do not love. I want to be a good wife to my dear Romeo so if you do not have advice, I'll surely kill myself!
  • YAY! What exciting news, the wedding is now moved to tomorrow, which is Wednesday!
  • I shall marry the Count.
  • Oh, what am I gonna do? The wedding is tomorrow! Oh my god, what if Romeo doesn't come in time? What if I wake up before he does? Argh! You know what, I'll just go with the plan and drink this potion.
  • Ah, what a wonderful day! You there, invite the guests and you set up the feast.
  • She's dead! Oh, poor girl. What tragedy has come before us! *weep*