Siddhartha Chapter 8 Storyboard

Updated: 2/9/2021
Siddhartha Chapter 8 Storyboard

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  • (Abyss). The River Part 2
  • I have nothing to live for anymore.
  • (Transformation) "Om"
  • Om
  • (Revelation and Atonement) Self
  • I remember!
  • "He was full of ennui, full of misery, full of death; there was nothing left in the world that could attract him, that could give him pleasure and solace" (87). Siddhartha had seen how much he had lost himself. He felt like he lost his most valuable part of him; his spiritual side. Without it the whole world felt futile to him.
  • Reflection
  • "At that moment, when the sound of Om reached Siddhartha's ears, his slumbering soul suddenly awakened and he recognized the folly of his action" (89). The word "Om" had a major impact in Siddhartha. It was the bridge leading the desperate Siddhartha, to the newer and wiser Siddhartha. Additionally, it's his healer and teacher, so without it, he would be back in the abyss again.
  • Lesson
  • "'Om,' he pronounced inwardly, and he was conscious of Brahman, of the indestructibleness of life; he remembered all that he had forgotten, all that was divine" (90). Om, is like Siddhartha's spirit guide, as once he had omitted the word, he transformed into his new self. Along with it, it restored his original self and new profound knowledge. Furthermore, it represents how intertwined Siddhartha is with his inner self.
  • Looking Back
  • "I had to experience despair, I had to sink to the greatest mental depths, to thoughts of suicide, in order to experience grace, to hear Om again, to sleep deeply again and awaken refreshed again" (97). As Siddhartha reflects on his past, he's realized the purpose of all his obstacles and is very much grateful to them. Without them, his life would have been an endless cycle of suffering without ever a moment of peace. He wouldn't had grown as well.
  • "It was good to experience everything oneself... Now I know it not with my intellect, but with my eyes, with my heart, with my stomach" (98). It's always better to experience things, since it could feel and mean much more different than how you previously viewed it. One also gains knowledge and credibility when going through different situations that test their whole being. As all ways, life will never be an easy road to walk on, since we always have to satisfy our minds.
  • "His Self had crawled into this priesthood, into this arrogance, into this intellectuality" (99). Siddhartha has human emotions and desires no matter how spiritual he is. His ego had always been his biggest challenge, as he was fed with praises ever since he was young. Because of this, there was always a desire to want more as he aged, but because of his priesthood, it grew and grew until it exploded. Until recently, Siddhartha had understood himself more and continued improving himself.