Same book, just continued
Updated: 1/30/2020
Same book, just continued
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  • Mollifyсделать менее суровым
  • Itś everything we can do to protect ourselves and mollify Americaś harsh attacks
  • Mollify- to make less sever
  • Officiousк эффективным или полезным
  • Those foolish, officious Americans are always getting into peopleś business
  • Officious- too efficient or helpful
  • Panderчтобы попытаться удовлетворить
  • You cannot pander Americaś endless lust for power.
  • Pander- to try to satisfy
  • Quintessentialчто-то чистое
  • Americanś dont like our perfect, quintessential way of living
  • Quintessential- something that is pure
  • Rancidчто-то, что плохо пахнет или имеет плохой вкус
  • They say we are rancid, and malodorous
  • Rancid- something that smells or tastes bad
  • Surreptitiousпроведенные в секрете
  • Americans have surreptitious plans to ruin all of our lives.
  • Surreptitious- performed in secret
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