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Rome Project
Updated: 9/8/2020
Rome Project
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  • Rome was established after the twin brothers Romulus and Remus founded this city in Italy, right next to the Mediterranean Sea. Rome then started out as a monarchy, but due to tyrannical rule, we became a republic.
  • Our government is a republic, which means we vote on representatives, and they make decisions. Rome is a Polytheistic state, meaning we have many Gods. We have 2 social classes, the Patricians (wealthy people), and Plebians (Commoners).
  • We have a senate, made of 600 people who advises our 2 consuls, our military leaders. To work in the government, you have to have served 10 years in the government.
  • Our Republic has the 12 tables, which ensure things like security, equality in the law, a right to a defense, and that we are innocent until proven guilty.
  • Our military is made of both patricians and plebeians. All males are required to serve in the army. We have massive Legions made of Infantry (4000-6000 foot soldiers) and cavalry (Small groups of people on horseback). These legions were then divided into 60 centuries.
  • In our conquests, we Romans have taken over Italy and the Mediterranean. Most cites we take over choose to ally with us. Currently we are fighting Carthage, which is in Africa.
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