Updated: 2/11/2021

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  • S -Specific
  • I want to get all A's and B's
  • M - Measurable
  • Test Scores Back Today!
  • A - Attainable
  • I want to get all A's and B's because it will push me to do good work and it will set me up to do better after highschool.
  • R - Realistic
  • I will know that I have accomplished my goal by looking at my interims and my grade cards, also by looking back at test scores.
  • T -Timely
  • Freshman:Sophomore:Junior: Senior:
  • This goal is attainable because so far I have gotten good grades and I work hard to get all of my work done to the best of my ability.
  • Final SMART Goal
  • I want to get all A's and B's throughout high school, I can track my progress by looking at report cards, tests, and other assignments.
  • I hold myself to high standards to get good grades. Also, I can work on procrastinating less so then my school work is down better than it would be if I rushed and did it because I was procrastinating.
  • Term 2 Grades:
  • A+ A- A+A A+ A+
  • I want to complete this goal by the end of high school.