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Shadow on the mtn storyboard
Updated: 4/28/2020
Shadow on the mtn storyboard
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Storyboard Description

Miss Mestas 2020 novel project

Storyboard Text

  • Here is Ingrids Diary. I will take care of your family until you can come back, I promise
  • i'll see you soon
  • Do you think we are being followed?
  • Who knows? All we can do is keep going
  • Look Behind us
  • It looks like 4 German soldiers chasing us
  • Solvieg and Espen say their last goodbyes before Espen has to leave for Sweden
  • Point your skis in together so it looks like you were going the other way
  • As Espen and his first guide Haakon I are skiing Espen cannot get over the feeling of being followed. After Haakon answers Espen's question they make fun of Germans for being bad skiers anyway.
  • Are you my new guide?
  • Yes. My name is Haakon 2. We dont have very much creativity when it comes to code names
  • Espen was right about his feeling and knew they were being chased. He tells Haakon 1 and they decide that they have to keep pushing on no matter what may happen on the way.
  • I can kill him from here!
  • I don't care what he says, I will kill that kid
  • Don't do it! we cant waste any ammo!
  • Espen and Haakon 1 have to stop to sleep because the sun is starting to rise. To make sure they are safe Haakon comes up with a smart way to confuse the Germans who are following them.
  • Espen meets his new guide for this leg of the trip. They decide to leave because it is night ans the darkness should help cover them. As they go they see 2 soldiers that have caught up with them.
  • The Soldier with the gun shoots Espen after his freind tells him not to. Espen gets shot but is saved by Ingrids diary in his backpack. The Soldiers don't know this because when Espen is shot he drops out of sight making the soldiers think he is dead.
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