Physical Change
Updated: 2/9/2021
Physical Change

Storyboard Text

  • What's Wrong John? You look so upset .
  • I failed my physical science test today.
  • Well I'd be glad to help you study for your retake
  • Thanks Diana, I would really appreciate that.
  • No problem ! Lets begin.
  • First we must remember what a physical change is. Do you know John?
  • No, a physical change is when the form of an object is changed, but the identity of the object is not 
  • Umm... something that's physicaly chandged
  • An example of a physical change would be me crumbling up this newspaper. Though It's crumbled it's still a newspaper.
  • Of course
  • Oh OK! I understand it now. Oh and ma'am may I please have a water ?
  • Hahaha, That sweat you see on your water bottle is also a physical change. Though the water changed its state from gas to liquid its still water
  • Oh look water bottle sweat; I mean condensation. How cool
  • Well I hope I taught you well for your test retake.
  • You did! DIana! Thanks again for all your help.