Updated: 1/20/2021

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  • Just me, or is it true that I... c c can s. .. see inside his bo.. body....
  • why, yeah...
  • This is sour, but good!
  • Limes are grown in lime trees like this one. They have a lot of vitamin C. Limes are fruits that are at least sweeter than lemon!
  • Limes help us with the digestive system, which helps the stomach acid break down more. They also help us with constipation because they are acidic so they can break the food stuck. They are used for maintenance, for fixing our body.
  • Limes help with immunity and it might reduce with heart disease risks, prevent kidney stones and promote healthy skin. They can also heal iron absorption.
  • Well you did eat 3 limes in one mouth...
  • Shouldn't have eaten too much. It's so sour. ( cries)
  • Did you know that lime trees can grow up to 16ft tall?! Did you also know that some types of limes are spiny??
  • Did you ever see people adding lime or lemons to water? That's because it makes the water healthier. Limes pulps start to come out of the lime in the water, then it fills the cup. Those pulps clean the water, and give taste. Limes, Lemons and grapefruits are all in the same group, citrus fruits!
  • The biggest lime is called the Persian lime, and it is shared a lot more than original limes. They are seedless and about 2 ounces.