Thor and Gorgan

Updated: 12/21/2020
Thor and Gorgan

Storyboard Text

  • Hello everyone I would love to announce that I am the new lord and god of the underground
  • *cheering*
  • The War With Thor
  • I am going to rule the underground once and for all.
  • oh no
  • I would like to start a war and who wins the war gets to rule the underground for life.
  • This is Thor the god of thunder and lightning and he was promoted and offered to rule as the lord and god of the underground to protect it.
  • Oww it hurts
  • Oww , I will hurt everyone here and win this war.
  • A few days later Thor was flying around till he saw the evil monster Gorgan and heard him say something about taking Thor's place and being the on who rules.
  • Some time later Gorgan came to Thor and asked him something.Thor agreed because he wanted to see if he is powerful enough to vanish Gorgan to a different dimension.
  • *cheering* Yaaaaaa , Thor rules.
  • Soon after days and days the war began to get tough and everyone was getting hurt.
  • Everyone was starting to get hurt way to much more so Thor decided to end This war. So thor vanished him
  • After Thor banished Gorgan, he won the war and ruled . Everyone was extremely excited that Thor is ruling.