Social media is not safe!
Updated: 11/24/2020
Social media is not safe!

Storyboard Text

  • Hi guys I'm Ali and this is my story of how i was tricked online and nearly lost my life.
  • Here I go. was a beautiful day and i was playing COD. But i stooped.
  • Because it was to easy and i was alone cuz non of my friends were online. So i had no one to play with. And suddenly a message poped up on my ps4 from the guy i killed last game. I checked and then this happened.
  • All action fun games.
  • Sure why not add me!
  • Hi how are you doing, man wanna be gamer friends.
  • I don't know who he was and how he got my name, but i did wanted to play with someone and none of my friends were online so i just said yes. (Which was a really big mistake!)
  • Nice, i play these kind of games is well. Wanna play right now.
  • Ye sure what kind of games do you play!
  • OK
  • This was a lot of fun, both of us were really good and we played a lot of games for a long time. We had 75% chance that we will get a win togather. I stopped playing with my other friends (that i knew) and just played with him all the time because he was sick at playing games and when ever i said asked him to play he was always online.
  • Then one day he messaged me and said this.
  • Wanna come to my house? we will play games and eat.
  • First i thought no, but then i thought that i know him really well so what could go wrong. So i just went in the middle of the night.Which was a really big mistake, but i still told my parents.
  • Ye sure why not.
  • It turned out that he was an adult who was planing to kill me for money for 1 year. i got scared and i thought my time is up.
  • But my parents just came out of no where with the police. I didn't know how but i was alive. Then my parents told me that never trust online friends ever. They followed me because they thought that something weird is going on. Never ever trust online friends!