Bong Hui Ping_Reaction of people

Updated: 5/12/2020
Bong Hui Ping_Reaction of people

Storyboard Text

  • A lot of parties opposed the proposal because they cannot see the economic benifits.
  • But this didn't put stress on TAR because most people were more inclined to gain their own independence.
  • Party like UNKO Pasuk Momogun also go against the formation of Malaysia strongly.
  • What are the reactions of people?
  • However after a lot of explanation many people accept the proposal.
  • Most of the Brunei and also the Sultan actually agree with the proposal.
  • What are the reactions of people?
  • PAP and Lee Kuan Yew agrees with the formation because they wanted political stability in Singapore.
  • Cobblod commission.Lead by Lord Cobblod.
  • Malaysia Solidarity Consultative Committee(JPPM).
  • What are the formation process of Malaysia?
  • Inter governmental Committee(JAK).
  • Singapore referendum
  • Dominantion of all oil revenues
  • Sustain all its investment
  • Sustain low tax rate
  • Why Sultan Omar Ali Saiffudin canceled the plan to join Malaysia?
  • Demanding that Brunei's security in Malaysia guaranteed
  • Autonomy in financial matters in early stage