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AWIT Ch. 1
Updated: 11/11/2020
AWIT Ch. 1
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  • Meg
  • Meg isn't very fond of school- "School is all wrong." Pg 4. Meg is very protective about her brother- "... and tackled him with every ounce of strength." Pg 5.Negative view of herself "A delinquent, that's what I am." Pg 4.
  • Sandy and Dennys
  • Sandy and Dennys are twins who are both ten- "... her ten year old twin brothers..." Pg 4. Sandy and Dennys are athletic-"Let us do the fighting when it's necessary..." Pg 5. Sandy and Dennys are normal kids.
  • Charles Wallace
  • Charles is Meg's brother- "...the dumb baby brother." Pg 5. Intuitive- "... who has an uncanny way of knowing when she is awake and unhappy..." Pg 7. Helpful- "Would you like a liver wrust and a cream cheese sandwich."
  • Mrs. Murry
  • Mrs. Murry is Meg's mom- "Meg looked up at her mother." Pg 11.Mrs. Murry is a scientist and is beautiful- "... a mother who is a scientist and a beauty as well." Pg 11.
  • Mrs. Whatsit
  • Mrs. Whatsit lives in the woods- "... old shingled house in the woods ..." Pg 13.
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