Revolt of the Evil Fairies
Updated: 2/18/2021
Revolt of the Evil Fairies

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • Rising Action
  • Rising Action
  • Another year has gone by at Booker T. Washington Colored Grammar School, and Ted Poston is rejected again as the lead in the school's year play of Revolt of the Evil Fairies. It wouldn't have bothered him as much if his crush Sarah Williams wasn't cast as the female lead this year. Everyone knew that Ted had a crush on Sarah including his enemy Leonardius Wright who also auditioned for the lead just to spite Ted and not so surprisingly was casted. Ted knew that with Leonardius auditioning he no longer had a chance because no matter how much better he was he would never get the lead role because he was darker skin.
  • Climax
  • As the weeks went by, Leonardius continued to bother and tease Tim about him getting the lead and him getting demoted to an evil fairy. It seems as if everyone except Leonardius knew the real reason he was casted as the lead because talent surely was not the reason. Tim knew he never stood a chance against Leonardius when it came to the play so he was forced to watch from the side as Leonardius basked in the glory of getting the lead role of Prince Charming.
  • Falling Action
  • It was now the day before the big premiere and Tim still had not gotten over the way he was robbed for the lead role. His mother tried consoling him and even tried brightening up the mood by saying how they did not have to spend any money on material for a new costume since he was playing the same role. Feeling heavily defeated, all Tim could do was agree with his mother as he saw her sew the last stiching on his costume and she was not finished.
  • Resolution
  • It was finally the night of the play and tensions were high amongst the cast, especially Tim and Leonardius whom seemed to still be fighting over who got Sarah. Looking out at the audience you saw everyone packing into their seats waiting for the play to begin. As the play began, everything went smooth sailing until the scene where Leonardius´s character had to kill Tim´s character. Tim noticed an evil glint in Leonardius´s eye as he charged at him almost as he was purposely trying to injure him. Tim retaliated and began punching and Leonardius and soon an all out fight broke out between the two.
  • The audience could not tell if they were in awe or in shock at the scene unfolding before them as they were not sure if it was apart of the play or not. Quickly, Leonardius and Tim were ripped off of each other and separated backstage as they continued to try and get a jab out of one another. Miss Labelle was deciding if she should continue the play after this violent outburst and decided towards continuing after considering how hard the other cast members had worked to not finish despite a little spectacle. Tim and Leonardius however were not allowed back onto the stage as their punishment was just beginning.
  • After the play finished the audience stood and applauded the cast and everyone seemed to have forgotten about the fight that occurred on stage. Everyone except Miss Labelle of course who sent Leonardius and Tim to the principal office the Monday right after the play. Leonardius and Tim both had to suffer the consequences of their fight with them both being banned from participating in the play next year. In the end, even though they were both punished, Tim never got the lead in the play, never got to kiss his crush Sarah and even if he were to audition again would not get the role simply because his skin color put him at the bottom of everybody´s choice list.