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Conflict for Lyddie by Bridget and Jayla
Updated: 12/6/2018
Conflict for Lyddie by Bridget and Jayla
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Storyboard Text

  • Man v. Man
  • You know what, I'm done with this. I QUIT!
  • You're dismissed!
  • Man v. Nature
  • (Whispers) Calm down, we'll be ok as long as you are silent
  • Look away! I don't want you to think that going out in public like that is ok. You are a respectful proper girl, she is not.
  • Man v. Society
  • There, there child. Don't pay them any mind.
  • Momma ,look at the ugly poor girl!
  • What is thee wearing, you look ridiculous.
  • This scene shows man v. man because Lyddie and the mistress had a conflict when Lyddie came back from her "vacation." "You're dismissed! The woman said... No, Lyddie said quickly. I know I done wrong to go off when you wasn't here. I'll just collect my things and be gone, ey?" (Page 44)
  • This scene describes man v. nature because when Lyddie was faced with the bear she did not panic, but she rather told everyone what to do. According to the text, "Behind Lyddie's back, the ladder creaked, as two by two, first Charles and Agnes, than Mama and Rachel, climbed up into the loft. Lyddie glared straight into the bear's eyes daring him to step forward." (Page 1-2)
  • This describes man v. society because Lyddie was made fun of because of her clothes by proper, respectable people. According to the text, "When the others weren't concentrating on keeping their seats in the swaying coach, they were looking at her-at her clothes especially." (Page 48)
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