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Updated: 12/16/2019
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  • I'm Genghis Khan the fearless conquer of land's.
  • I'm Empress Wu the first Empress in my dynasty.
  • I believe that a stable running government must have a large military to back it. Without a strong military nothing can function properly. I believe the Military must grow every day to ensure are military is stronger than the rest.
  • I disagree with your statement on military importance Genghis. I believe that power is better in scholars instead of military men.I believe that if we have more scholars the country will run smoothly. That's why I decrease the size of my military every day making more scholars.
  • I believe that women are more than just cleaners and deserve more rights. In my empire women are riding horseback, fighting in battles, tending their herds and influencing their men on important decisions. We believe in women power.
  • We strongly believe that woman are very important in are dynasty as well. In are society we allow women to become priestess which is a very high honor. We even allow women to be political figures such as myself. My dynasty is also know as The Golden age for Women. So that shows from those three we are big on women power as well.
  • I am truly sorry Behter (my brother) for having to kill you. You were trying to claim my power which I could not let happen. Nor could I allow you to marry my mother. This was the only way it could be I hope you understand.
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