Roll of thunder
Updated: 12/11/2019
Roll of thunder
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  • Rain
  • "A truck came up the road and stopped behind us while we was trying to get that wheel on, but didn't none of us hear it coming' cause of the rain and the thunder and all, and they didn't put their lights on till the truck stopped"
  • Lights at nighttime
  • “Mama, the cotton!” I cried. “It's on fire!”
  • “Oh,good Lord!” Big Ma exclamied (...) “That lightning done that!”
  • In this case rain is a symbol as chaos, because none of them could hear the truck coming then Papa got shot in the head. The shot scared the horse and it caused so the wagon rolled over Papa’s leg.
  • Land is a symbol, for family because the land was a part of them, and the land meant much to them. - the fire is a symbol for destroying a family but it was actually good because dad saved T.J from lynching. Harlan Granger was going to lynch T.J but the land was more important. The land was set on fire by papa and he stopped the lynching and tried to extinguish the fire.
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