The One And Only Ivan - Part 1
Updated: 2/6/2021
The One And Only Ivan - Part 1

Storyboard Text

  • We lived in Exit 8 Big Top Mall. I guess I was here for 9,855 days.
  • Julia noticed my painting and understood what I wanted, so she convinced her father George to put it on the billboard. When they put it on the billboard, a protest started.
  • One day, a baby elephant named Ruby came to the Big Top Mall, Exit 8, and Stella helped her get out.
  • Finally, we were moved to a zoo. Over there, I found a troop and Ruby was sooo happy everyday. By the way Bob started to live with Julia for company to Julia's sick mother.
  • A couple of weeks later after Ruby arrived, Stella died. But the night before Stella died, Stella said "Can you promise you will take Ruby somewhere else to live?" to me and I said yes.
  • So I worked hard and tried to keep Stella's promise, and at the end, I figured out how to draw the word "HOME."
  • Ivan
  • Ruby