the red badge courage
Updated: 3/15/2021
the red badge courage

Storyboard Text

  • Henry wakes up from short nap to realize that the enemy troops are once again rushing Henry's fellow troops.
  • Oh no, not again. I can't do this anymore!!
  • Henry proceeds to run away from the battle as he is terrified and and has lost all his courage.
  • I'm going to run away and hope no one realizes
  • Henry tells himself he made the right decision as he is walking across the landscape after running away
  • I made the right choice. Or did I?
  • Our troops held back the enemy's charge!
  • Henry passes two generals talking about how his troops have held back the enemy charge
  • After hearing his regiment held off the enemy he tries to convince himself he mad the right decision
  • How did they hold them off i thught we would get destroyed.
  • Henry walks by a column of wounded soldiers and thinking of these soldiers as have a red badge of courage which is their wounds