Updated: 1/11/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Thank you Robusto, let me be alone in the presence of the awaited message.
  • Ma'am, we have just received an alert saying our terminal has been stimulated and the important message has entered our ship.
  • What is this message you speak so fondly of?
  • It has been decided that we are going to be in intergalactic war against the people of Earth and we need to round up as many of our kind as possible
  • Hello, I am Calcium, considering your ship's vesicles are already filled with neurotransmitters. We would be perfect allies. I need the important message to be released immediately.
  • The important message I have just told you all should now be released via exocytosis. Calcium is an ally and is making this all possible. The neurotransmitters in the ship are now passing through the synapse.. They hold the important message and are to be told to the rest of the Sodium Subjects. I trust you my minions.
  • I am all for this. Let me spread the news to my Sodium subjects
  • The incredibly important message is quickly bound to the receptors which will allow the invitation to war to be spread quickly and efficiently.
  • Ion Channels
  • THE CAPTAIN TALKING-> Soon after, the ion channel will be opened. The Sodium Subjects will flood the cell eager to hear the news. After hearing the exciting news the subjects will go from a level of -70mV to +30mV.
  • Since the people aboard the ship are now aware of all that is going on, the captain can signal the release of the warriors (potassium) The warriors will be able to recruite others for this mission. The brief excitement from before quickly dwindles back to the normalcy of before. The subjects are back to a level of -70 mV
  • All is well aboard the ship.