Photosynthesis storyboard

Updated: 3/21/2021
Photosynthesis storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Whoa! What day is it?I slept for hours. I wonder what time it is? Maybe I should go for a walk!
  • What?!?! How is that plant alive?
  • I'm alive because of a process called photosynthesis! I get carbon dioxide and water, add in some sunlight then I produce glucose and oxygen! All of this happens in a little part of me called a chloroplast.
  • Hey! Down here! I'm a plant!
  • This all happens when I split electrons out of water then they are powered by sunlight into the electron transport chain though photosystem 2. Then on to photosystem 1! I release oxygen that I don't need and those electrons will eventually be turned into glucose by using molecules carriers called NADPH. Then in the calvin cycle turns carbon dioxide turned into ATP which I use to grow and reproduce.
  • WOW thats a lot of steps! Does every plant do this? What if one of those steps can't happen?
  • Do I do photosynthesis too?
  • If photosynthesis is disrupted at any of these steps the plant won't get enough ATP energy to fuel it. If a plant doesn't have enough energy then it will die. This process is not only important to keeping plants alive but humans also. Humans like you breath in the oxygen I produce when I do photosynthesis.
  • What's the difference?
  • No you do a process called cellular respiration. It is basically the opposite of photosynthesis
  • Let me call my friend Betty to explain it better
  • BETTY!!!!!
  • I wouldn't mind at all. Tell her to meet me at my lab! I'll see ya later James.
  • Would you mind explain cellular respiration to my friend August?
  • Yes James?