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Updated: 9/28/2020
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  • I don't have any jewels to wear
  • What's wrong?
  • This is perfect...😊
  • Here's the one!
  • The CONFLICT in this story is Mathilde Loisel is very upset that she don't have any jewels to were. she was talking to her husband about how she hasn't got any jewels to were to the ball so her husband gave her an idea to to go to her friends and barrow some from her.
  • I lost the necklace!
  • I'll help you look for it.
  • Mathilde Loisel is at her wealthy friends house. They talk for a little and look for the right necklace. She finally found the right one. "This right here. This is the one." After she outs it on she new it was the right one. Mathilde Loisel left and was on her way to the ball.
  • Mathilde Loisel is at the ball and everybody thinks she's the most beautiful girl there. She feels so good. She was having a great time but then it was time to go home. So Mathilde Loisel gets her husband and they go home.
  • Oh no! We spent 10 years paying off the fake one...
  • The necklace was only worth at least $500
  • Mathilde Loisel got home and realizes the necklace is gone! She tells her husband and they were trying to figure out where it could be. Mathilde Loisel husband says "he'll go look for it". Her EMOTIONS Mathilde Loisel looked very upset and she didn't know what to do.
  • The Mathilde Loisel husband went looking while looking he hadn't seen anything so far. He was getting upset. Her husband goes home and tells Mathilde Loisel that he didn't find it. she started crying. That's when she realized she had to buy a new one and replace it. So she did! They found one but it was so much but they had no other option. They got it and her friend never noticed.
  • "You remember the diamond necklace you lent me for the ball at the Ministry?"[110]"Yes. Well?""Well, I lost it.""How could you? Why, you brought it back.""I brought you another one just like it. And for the last ten years we have been paying for it. You realise it wasn't easy for us; we had no money.... Well, it's paid for at last, and I'm glad indeed."Madame Forestier had halted.[115]"You say you bought a diamond necklace to replace mine?""Yes. You hadn't noticed it? They were very much alike."And she smiled in proud and innocent happiness.Madame Forestier, deeply moved, took her two hands."Oh, my poor Mathilde! But mine was imitation. It was worth at the very most five hundred francs!... "
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