Broken Blade By: Addison Melstrom Hr. 5
Updated: 10/13/2020
Broken Blade By: Addison Melstrom Hr. 5

Storyboard Text

  • Pierre get a doctor!
  • DAD! I'm so lazy I should have done that I need to get the doctor
  • OW! My blisters hurt really bad. But dad said not to complain.
  • Pierre I am ok I am just in the woods.
  • La Londe
  • Waaaaaa!
  • Watch out were coming
  • Pierre's dad cut himself while cutting wood. Pierre feels so bad and now his dad can't be a voyager. Pierre decides he will join a brigade and do it for his father. His dad gives him advice and chooses to use it. Now Pierre must see how it will feel to be a voyager.
  • Ahhhhh!!
  • Come on your boat is filling up!!
  • Pierre went on with his voyage and he was not being treated very well. He always got teased by Beloit and one day he got tricked for a bet. He carried a normal 2 pack but he thought it was only one. Now I think he believes he can do it. But he misses home.
  • Yes!
  • You like Kennewah?
  • Pierre's boat got stuck and they chose to take the rapids . They got stuck and La Londe slipped and fell when he was trying to set the boat free. Now he's dead and Pierre and Emile ask, why him? But as you can see the ride was crazy and sad they were on ups and downs and had to paddle a whole lot.
  • Is that my son? He looks like a man!
  • I missed you so much dad!
  • Everyone was down while they were paddling because of La Londe but Pierre's strokes were getting better. Then a few days later a huge storm came in and there boat started to fill with water and they had to get to an island. Then another few days later they were still stuck on the island but a fight broke out and La Pattite won against Beliot.
  • Well at the Rendevous Pierre met a girl and he likes her and she likes him. I think Pierre really liked the food and the people. He seemed like he was getting to know the place but he also thought it was small. But honestly I think he really loved seeing new people and meeting new friends.
  • The thing is I think Pierre has grown so much. I do believe he will be returning next spring and maybe wintering so he can spend more time with Kennewah. He is now back home and when he got back he ran to the house seeing his dad and his dad saying " Is that my son? He looks more like a man"