dragon dragon pt.2

Updated: 9/16/2021
dragon dragon pt.2

Storyboard Text

  • A wise old cobbler was also invited, but he thought he should not be there so he stayed by the door.
  • After the king offered a reward to who ever killed the dragon. The cobbler declined. But the oldest thought it was a good reward.
  • He asked his father for advice but all the old cobbler said was "when you get to the dragon say this poem and it will fall, dragon, dragon how do you do I've come from the king to murder you
  • The oldest son thought "what a weird thing to say you need to out smart the dragon." But he keepet his opininon to himself
  • He went all the way to the dragon's lair and asked it if it wanted some brushes. It said "no I don't want any brushes." and came out above him and ate him in a single gulp. When the eldest son was in the dragons stomach he sobbed saying he should have listened to his father .
  • then it was the middle son's turn to try to kill the dragon. He asked his father for advice and he said the same thing he said to the eldest son.
  • The middle son thought "What a weird thing to say you have to take the dragon by surprise." He then got on a horse and went to the dragon's lair. The dragon saw him coming a long way from there and hid atop the door. when the middle son broke through the door he ran into a wall. Then the dragon came down and ate him in one gulp.
  • When the middle son was in the dragon's stomach. He started sobbing saying. "I should have listened to my father."
  • Then the youngest son said the poem and the dragon said. "You murder me???" the dragon then began to luagh so hard he couln't move. And in a fit of rage the youngest flopped the sword over the dragon's neck and the sword fell from it's own weight and cut the dragon's head off
  • Next it was the youngest son's turn. he asked his father for advice and took the advice. He then got some armor that was twice his size, and a sword that was to heavy for him.
  • the dragon saw him coming a long way from there. And hid atop the door. After a while the dragon started getting impatient but didn't look down after another long while it lost it's patience and looked out side. And when the youngest son saw it he started to tremble so vilontly the armor he was wearing rattled.
  • But they also ound the wizard spell book and he turned the queen back to normal but she was now soggy . Then the king hurrying to the door saying "oh dear
  • The eldest and middle son then crawled out of the dragon throat. And they collected the treasure in the cave and went back to the kingdom.
  • The king then let the youngest marry the princess. And asked which half of the kingdom he wants.