Unknown Story
Updated: 12/2/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • No more gadgets! You're already cross-eyed! You use tablet the whole day and switch to laptop when its battery died! You're not eating too!
  • I want to watch!
  • *Then my brother started hitting me with pillows, toys and remote control. He also punched and kicked me.
  • *%#@#^@!!!! Why did you hit your brother back?! You have a big body compare to the body of your brother! blah blah
  • He's not the only one who got hurt! I got hurt too! What do you expect me to do?! *%@$%@!!!
  • My Mom slapped me
  • How dare you talk back and curse to me! I am your mother you ungrateful child! blah blah blah
  • Then I went to my room...
  • I want to go out here and not come back. If I go out, I wish some accident may happen to me.