Updated: 1/27/2020
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  • what ever was chasing us is still on our trail. Percy my mom said there´s to much to explain and not enough time. we have to get you to safety from what who's after me.
  • Boys!!. my mom said she pulled the wheel hard to the right, and i got a glimpse she´d swerved to avoid ----a dark fluttering shape now lost behind us in the storm
  • wind slammed against the camaro .rain lashed the windshield. i don´t know how my mom could see anything, but she kept her foot on the gas
  • there was a blinding flash, a jaw-rattling BOOM! and our car exploded i remember feeling weightless, like l was being a crushed fried, and hosed down all at the same time.
  • the monster had learned his lesson. his hand shot out garbed her by the neck as she tried he lifted her as she struggled, kicking and pummeling the air MOM!!! she caught my eyes, manged to choke out one more Go! then with a angry roar the monster closed his fists around her neck and she dissolved before my eyes melting into light.
  • anger replaced my fear.then out off no were Jeffry the sun of Apollo comes with his dads golden bow shoots the monster making him weak and giving me enough time to grab his horn and pull it off and he fell and diapers then i fell.
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