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Science Test Project Storyboard
Updated: 5/7/2020
Science Test Project Storyboard
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  • Welcome, students, to a Zoomin' Science Class! I'm Mr. T!
  • Natural Selection & Evolution
  • Pay attention, class. Today we will be discussing evolution and natural selection!
  • Natural Selection: Finches and their Beaks
  • Okay, Natural Selection. A good example of this are the finches on the Galapagos Islands. Over time, one species evolved because of natural selection. Depending on their environment, the finches had different beaks that would best help them to survive.
  • So a few just... changed their appearance? To have the best chance of survival?
  • Natural Selection: Finches and their Beaks
  • What is all of this nonsense about "evolving"?
  • Well, it took many years and many finches. The different beak traits had to be passed down through generations of finches for the species to evolve like this. But, yes.
  • So, Evolution. Evolution is basically when species change over time to better survive in their environment. A species is a group of similar organisms that can mate only with each other and produce fertile offspring. Evolution affects the population of a species, too, which is the amount of organisms in any one area. This is because the desirable trait that is passed down through generations, like with the finches, will eventually affect most of the species in that population.
  • Evolution: What is a Species? How does Evolution affect the population of a Species?
  • Goodbye Mr. T! Thank you!
  • Well students, that was a great class! Great job, and I hope you have a great rest of your day!
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