Updated: 5/17/2020

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  • In this cartoon, we can see his whole family, before they come to a sad end. His father, Alphonse Frankenstein, his mother, Caroline, his brother Ernest, his younger brother, William and his fiancée Elizabeth.
  • First his mother dies from a high fever, she wishes to see the wedding between Victor and Elizabeth. Later Victor goes to school where he makes a good friend named Henry; now it's time for Victor to go to college. There he meets his science teachers. Whose passion has grown since he was a child and found a book on alchemy. 
  • Victor Frankenstein is on a ship going to the Arctic. He's sick right now, and his life is already ruined. But he's still going for revenge. On this ship, he tells his sad story to scientist Robert Walton. This is where his story begins and ends. 
  • Henry, I just got a letter saying that William died. I'm sorry, but I have to go home. 
  • This is the childhood of Victor Frankenstein, whose life is ruined when he creates the monster that destroys his family. 
  • You! You monster!
  • You're the monster here.
  • From there, there is one teacher he likes more than another. There he learns about lightning. And he's curious about life and death. From there, he begins to create his creature with pieces of the dead.
  • Father, I'm sorry but I need some time to reflect.
  • An alarming letter arrives to Victor, saying that they need him to come back since his brother William has just died. Victor already had an idea of who had killed him. It was HIM.
  • I understand, buddy. I'm really sorry for you and your family. I understand that you have to go, do you want me to go with you?
  • Once he got home, he saw the monster across the lake. But it wasn't him that was blamed, it was Justine. Victor didn't say anything about the monster either, and in the end the blame was placed on Justine, who died tragically.
  • Once home, Victor decided to take a trip to the mountains. There he met the monster, who was looking for him to talk to him and tell him his story.
  • I understand, son. Go easy. And take care of yourself!