The Reformation
Updated: 5/12/2020
The Reformation

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  • The Church is getting rich by taking money from people for them to get in to Heaven "Guaranteed" i can not stand for this
  • How will i do this?
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Martin Luther is tired of the Church getting rich by selling get in to heaven free passes and thinks people should get in to heaven by doing good deeds and not giving the church money.
  • What is this?
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • He decided that he had to be more logical than every one else before him so he wrote a theses that would questioned the beliefs of the catholic church.
  • Martin Luther rote and posted on the Catholic church door a Ninety Five theses that questioned the beliefs of the Catholic Church and there faith.
  • When the pope saw this he was very mad so he demanded Martin Luther to take down 41 of the 95 Martin Luther refused so the pope excommunicated him which meant he was cast out as a out law.
  • Martin Luther is brought down to a court in Germany he try's to defend him self and why he put the ninety five theses on the door. After it is over Martin Luther could not return to his town and had to stay there.
  • The Ninety Five theses spread far and wide and eventually reached Rome people started to agree with Martin Luther and protest they were called protestants who fought against the catholic church.