The Wife of Bath Tale
Updated: 12/12/2020
The Wife of Bath Tale

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  • Thank you
  • "I'll spare you if you can tell me what it is that women want most. . I'll allow you to search for a year and a day to find a satisfactory answer."
  • Remarriage
  • Riches
  • Honor
  • Fine clothes
  • "To be considered dependable and trustworthy,"
  • Pleasure
  • A knight was condemned to death by King Arthur for forcing himself on a woman. The queen and her ladies begged the king for mercy. The king granted the knight mercy and gave the decision to the queen on whether he will die or live.
  • "Promise to do the first thing I ask of you, if it's in your power, and I'll tell you what you want to know before night.”
  • "I give you my promise,"
  • The knight was filled with sorrow however he had no choice, so he started wandering around asking the question to other women.
  • "Before this court I ask you, Sir Knight, to take me for your wife."
  • ""I know perfectly well that's what I promised. For the love of God, ask for something else. Take all my wealth, and let my body go."
  • The knight went around asking different women and he received different answers from everyone. Which ultimately lead him back to step one.
  • "Then have I gained control of you,"
  • "Yes, certainly, wife,"
  • Just when all hope was lost the knight met a witch. The witch offered him a deal that included her giving the answer to him and in return he would do the first thing she asked.
  • After the witch gave him the answer and the knight was spared, he went back to keep his promise. However the witch asked to be his wife and the knight was begging her to ask for something else. The knight did not want to be married to a woman hat was so poor, old, and ugly.
  • The witch then gave the knight two options, to be married to someone that will be young and beautiful however she won't be true to him. The second option consisted with marrying someone that will be loyal. The knight chose to marry her, and the witch then turned herself both good and beautiful. At the end they lived happily for the rest of their lives.
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