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Pentecost Story 1
Updated: 5/24/2020
Pentecost Story 1
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  • After his resurrection Jesus kept on appearing to and guiding his followers but on the 40th day after his resurrection Jesus ascended to the heaven with God, this day is called Ascension Day. As he ascended to God he told his disciples to spread the word of the lord and baptize people everywhere in his and God’s name to make them his disciples.
  • Go to all the people in the world and make them my followers, baptize them in the name of the father, the son, and of the holy spirit. I will always be with you.
  • Lord don't go!
  • It is time for me to join my father in heaven
  • However the disciples were scared, uncertain of how to do what Jesus had asked of them as they could not speak multiple languages, they could not preach as well as Jesus and did not have the same confidence or power as Jesus to attract followers and work miracles.
  • We can't preach like Jesus
  • We can't work miracles
  • I wanna go home
  • I'm scared
  • This is confusing
  • How do we spread the word of the Lord?
  • Then on the day of the Jewish feast of Pentecost all the disciples gathered in the upper room of a house with Mary mother of Jesus, all of them were nervous and prayed to God for guidance on how to carry out the mission of spreading the Good News all over the world.
  • Lord guide us
  • Then all of a sudden it sounded as if a storm had hit the area with the sky rumbling with thunder, mighty winds swirling the filling the upper room the disciples were in, yet they kept praying.
  • Lord we have faith
  • Then the winds turned into fire that took the shape tongues touch each of the disciples filling them with intense power and heat. Instead of being burned the disciples were presented with the gift of the Holy Spirit.
  • One of the gifts given to the apostles by the Holy Spirit was the gift of speaking other languages which would allow them to travel to other countries and spread the word of the Lord. The disciples went outside and talked to the foreigners who were astounded to hear that the disciples could talk in their languages.
  • Jesus is the son of God
  • Did you just talk in my language?
  • Did you hear that those disciples of Jesus can talk in multiple languages?
  • I think it must be because of the Holy Spirit's powers
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