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The 100 (TV Show) Project
Updated: 9/1/2020
The 100 (TV Show) Project
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Storyboard Description

The show is about 100 teens go down to earth where it has been covered in a radioactive matter. And the kids have to see if it is habitable.

Storyboard Text

  • Government control
  • Environmental destruction
  • Technological control
  • Buzzz, bleh. (dead)
  • Everyone on earth is under the control of a higher-order. All the kids had to go on earth while the parents and gov get to relax in space
  • Survival
  • The nuclear war led to toxic waste covering the world. The war happened in 2018 and 100 years later it still was barely habitable
  • Loss of individualism
  • I an under control
  • (I can't show this) If someone is rebelling against anyone else, they have a device in the skull to kill them. This happened when 2 people were fighting for food
  • Propaganda
  • We are your followers
  • Everyone needs to fight for themselves. And that they hunt for food and stuff.
  • They have no control over there actions as they are all under control. They all have devices that they follow what they say to do.
  • The influence that they are not able to overthrow the gov. which Is why they have to listen to them. They didn't have the freedom to not go to Earth.
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