Romeo and juliet scene 1 act 1
Updated: 1/15/2021
Romeo and juliet scene 1 act 1

Storyboard Text

  • Gregory, I swear we can't let them humiliate us.We wint take their garbarge.
  • MAybe you should focus on pulling yourself out of trouble, Sampson.
  • Its all the same,it'll be a harsh master to them. After I fight the men, It'll be nice to the women-i'll cut of their heads
  • The fight is between our master, we are men who work for them
  • You mean however they dare, i'll bite my tumb at them. Thats an insult, and if they let me get away with it they'll be disonhonered. (Sampson bites thumb at them )
  • *ABRAM and another servant of the montagues enter*
  • Ill frown at them as they pass by, and they can react however they want.