Speak to the manager part 1
Updated: 11/9/2020
Speak to the manager part 1

Storyboard Text

  • I'll hide this tnt for the morning it will go off, this is revenge ex boyfriend.
  • Just need to hide the tnt and put some in the roof and office.
  • Odd the door is unlocked, might and need to fire somebody.
  • Pretend there is no panel here.
  • Hey babe, I see your on break, still I don't see why you won't work at my dad's multi billion company as one of the hr's?
  • I don't know and why can I not see my reflection on this mirror? Is it fake?
  • p-p-please don't do this... I'll get a divorce don't do this.
  • No I want him dead and you. Nobody ever dumps me like that.