Updated: 3/27/2021

Storyboard Description


Storyboard Text

  • Uh, why would we be afraid of a hat, son?
  • Mom, dad, are you afraid of my drawing?
  • What?
  • If you please, draw me a sheep?
  • No, the baobab has grown to its fullest! Now my planet will slowly be destroyed!
  • The pilot shows his Drawing Numbing One to his parents who do not understand and tell him to stop drawing and give up on his dreams of being an artist.
  • Matters of consequence! You are talking just like the grown-ups!
  • The pilot and the Little Prince meet and the Little Prince asks the pilot to draw him a sheep.
  • Am I not?
  • Oh! How beautiful you are!
  • This is what would happen if the baobabs grew too much on the little prince's planet. The Little Prince is devastated, as he knows his planet will be destroyed.
  • Should I have left my flower? Is this a mistake?
  • The pilot is fixing the plane when he is bothered by the Little Prince, so the pilot says he is dealing with matters of consequence. This causes the Little Prince to become fuming with rage and tell the pilot he is acting like an adult which the pilot despises.
  • This is the first time the Little Prince sees the fully bloomed flower. The Little Prince is mesmerized by her beauty and the flower is conceited when talking to the prince.
  • The Little Prince makes his decision to leave the flower and his planet because of the complications of their relationship.