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  • "He leaped into the lake, would not wait for anyone's answer; the heaving water covered him over. For hours he sank" (Line 450-452)
  • Beowulf is swimming down to Grendel's Mom's lair so he can fight and kill Grendel's Mom so there will be no more monsters to disturb Hrothgar. This fits the scene because Beowulf is approaching his final task.
  • Stage 7 (Approach)
  • Stage 10 (Road Back)
  • "Struck with all the strength he had left, caught her in the neck and cut it through, broke bones and all. Her body fell to the floor" Line 521-524)
  • This is where Beowulf kills Grendel's Mom and completely stops chaos from Hrothgar's land. This fits into the "Death/Rebirth" step because hypothetically Beowulf is getting reborn after killing Grendel's Mom.
  • Stage 11 (Atonement)
  • Stage 8 (Death/Rebirth)
  • This quote justifiers that it works for the "Treasure" step because in the quote it says that Hrothgar gives Beowulf gifts which is one of the treasures that Beowulf wanted. In this scene Beowulf is given gifts from Hrothgar for Beowulf killing Grendel and Grendel's Mom.
  • "Peace is returned to the land of the Danes, and Beowulf, laden with Hrothgar's gifts" Line Start of "Beowulf's Last Breathe"
  • Stage 12 (Reward)
  • Stage 9 (Treasure)
  • This scene is when Beowulf returns home and is crowned king for all the hard work he has done. This is a usefull quote for the "Road Back" step because Beowulf returns home and completed his task.
  • "Beowulf....returns to the land of his own people, the Geats... Beowulf becomes king of the Geats and rules in peace and prosperity for 50 years" Line start of "Beowulf's Last Breathe
  • "Beowulf...attacks the dragon...but the remnants of his sword shatters, and the monster wounds him in the neck. Wiglaf then strikes the dragon...[They] finally succeed in killing the best....[but] their triumph is short-lived...Beowulf's wound proves to be mortal"
  • In this scene Beowulf and Wiglaf slay the dragon together but at the cost of Beowulf's life. This scene helps justify "Atonement" step ebcause Beowulf not only got smarter fighting monsters but Wiglaf also helped him develop the strength to stop fighting and just accept fate.
  • Beowulf is now dead and the Geats have built Beowulf's tower near the shore so that sailors can see it from far and wide. This scene can justify the "Reward" step because Beowulf does return home with his treasures and he developed new strengths but in the end he had died.
  • "The Geats built the tower, as Beowulf had asked, strong and tall, so sailors could find it far and wide" Line 871-873
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