Cow Dung Custard
Updated: 9/13/2018
Cow Dung Custard
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  • Title Page
  • Cow Dung Custard
  • I'm Cow Dung Kid
  • By Daniel Gibbs
  • Dad's farm
  • It's so smelly the sky turned green!
  • Ugh, this is the only way I can make money...
  • It smells so bad! I'm moving out!
  • Dad's new recipe
  • This is so embarrassing...
  • Mrs Brown
  • Raining Flies
  • I don't know!
  • What did you do? I'm so scared!!
  • Cow Dung kids' dad grows giant plants in the back yard, but they aren't just giant on there own. He uses fertilizer to boost the size of his plants. The problem is his fertilizer is made up multiple scoops of many scoops of different animal manure, which makes it smell horrid, so bad to the point where all of the houses around them are for sale.
  • Clear the streets!
  • Wow what a relief!
  • What just happened?
  • Each day Cow Dung Kid helped out his dad in growing vegetables, wheeling smelly manure through the whole town. This is why he is named Cow Dung kid. Cow Dung kids' dad was working on a new recipe, the one that would grow his biggest vegetable, but also be the smelliest load yet. Piles of manure mixed together in the bin.
  • Escape
  • Piles of flies came from across the land, Cow Dung Kid and his Dad were very scared, they trembled in fear as they ran into their house, seeking cover, along with the rest of the town.
  • Flies started to pile up on the ground, the awful stench was beginning to kill them! Plows came through the town, to clean up all of the flys.
  • A police car came up to Cow Dung Kids' farm to escort them away. The people of the town were angry, VERY angry! They all beat up the police car as it drove away.
  • Let's get you out of here before you get killed!
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