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Updated: 1/21/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Growing Tensions Between the Colonies and Britain
  • deal with it!
  • this isn't fair!
  • The Quartering Act
  • wake up!
  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • The Stamp Act
  • everyone clapsand cheers
  • o
  • stamp act is now a law
  • The colonists have become angry with Britain making unfair laws without the votes of the colonies
  • Britain had to pay for the damage they had done for the war and wanted the colonies to pay for it so they had the soldiers that where "protecting them" move in with some and lots where in slaves homes these people had to do EVERYTHING! for them pay for stuff for them with their own money. the colonies wanted to get back at them so they treated the soldiers very badly.
  • Britain became furious! In 1765 Britain created the stamp act. the stamp act was so the colonies had to pay taxes on printed paper mailed to them. them Britain had them put the stamp on everything the colonists needed to buy so they could get the money for the damage they needed to pay but the colonists refused to buy any of it. the British had to take back the law but they found other ways around it.
  • Many colonists have lost their job because of this and the Britain would not let any of the ships that brought food or anything in. The people where so scared about it that they thought they would starve.
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