sneaker history - week 22
Updated: 2/17/2021
sneaker history - week 22

Storyboard Text

  • Gosh, I wish we had some more comfy shoes.
  • Just be grateful we have leather sandals and don't have to run like Quintus. He's barefoot!
  • why must i be pained this way
  • Rome, probably around 80 AD or so
  • America, mid 1800s
  • They cost a lot, though.
  • These sneakers make it so much easier to play!
  • Let's mass-manufacture sneakers! It'll make 'em cheaper!
  • What a GREAT idea!
  • America, turn of the century
  • America, the seventies
  • OH MY GOSH what if we used a waffle iron on shoes?
  • Well,you're not using mine>:(
  • Your waffles...
  • yea michael jordan we <3 ur shoes
  • waow air jordan
  • chicago, the eighties
  • dey so COOL
  • ive been waiting for like 24 hours but there are people in the park that have been here since like three days ago
  • we sell them shoes
  • america, modern times
  • ive been waiting so long for these limited edition shoes boi