Chapters 31 - 32 Vocab
Updated: 3/16/2021
Chapters 31 - 32 Vocab

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Addison Maguire - 3rd Block

Storyboard Text

  • Did you hear about what happened between those conservatives?
  • Oh yeah! I heard it happened down in that Hooverville.
  • Do you think there'll be a black blizzard today? It looks like there might be because of the weather.
  • I'm not sure. If there is, then I hope it doesn't mess up the public works.
  • I think that there's something happening in the next town over. It has something to do with that super long breadline.
  • Oh yes, I've seen that in the newspaper. I also saw that the lack of food is causing a depopulation.
  • I just got an eviction notice for my apartment since I can't keep up with the funds and bills.
  • I'm sorry, I wish I could help. I think it's because we aren't given a fair living wage.
  • I'm very grateful for this soup kitchen that is here. It really helps my family out.
  • Without it, people would probably be very malnourished. (malnutrition)
  • Yeah. To support my family, I had to get public assistance from the bank.
  • The property value on this place isn't exactly what I thought, but I still might have to sell it to support my family.