Part 3
Updated: 1/12/2020
Part 3
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  • Eye eye eye muchachos!
  • We need to figure out a way to fix! Cause I don't know how I am going to have read all those books. Maybe we can create some sort of other chemical reaction to switch us back.
  • Phoebe! I think when Ryan mixed the chemicals in class, the chemicals spilled on us and made our bodies...somehow...someway...SWITCH!
  • Good luck with THAT! Now if you don't mind, I am gonna go finish the tea party with Mr. Piggie.
  • Teenagers these days...Am I right or am I right!
  • I think I may have a solution! So I noticed that Ryan pored the orange chemical into the green one, so maybe, we can poor the green one into the orange on to switch us BACK!
  • But its late on a Friday. We might have to just wait until Monday. I'm FREAKING OUT! I can't be you for 3 days!
  • Or...We can sneak in tonight, do it quickly and quietly, and no body will never know!
  • Oh boy...
  • So, Mom and Dad are going on a date night tonight, so we can just go when they leave. We'll need a flashlight and...well...I guess that's it.
  • So, the girls went into the office, locked the doors, canceled their plans, and plotted a sneaky plan that would either get them out of trouble, or into more trouble.
  • What about Ava! I guess we'll just have to take her and make sure she swares to secrecy! She is never any trouble after all right?!
  • Bye sweeties! Were off on our date! Make sure to feed Ava and don't get into mischief!
  • Ava!! Do you want some icecream?! You can have 5 scoops!
  • How is your tea Mr. Piggie!
  • Really good Ava! Thank you very much!
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