History Turkey
Updated: 6/2/2020
History Turkey

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  • How To modernize
  • New alphabet
  • Ataturk
  • In 1950, Ataturk’s Republican People’s party loses power to Adnan Menderes’ Democratic party.
  • Adnan Menderes Democratic party wins
  • Adnan
  • In 1980, Turkey’s bloodiest and most consequential coup. After mounting chaos, General Kenan Evren takes power. Hundreds of deaths and 50 executions follow, as do more than 500,000 arrests.
  • I will take over
  • Coup!!!
  • Ataturk modernized Turkey greatly. The people were very happy about their leader at this time
  • Army triggers what becomes known as the “postmodern coup”. After a show of strength featuring tanks in Ankara, the military pushes Erbakan out of power but does not assume control of the government.
  • You are no longer in power
  • Erdogan becomes Turkey’s first directly elected president with 52 per cent of the vote.
  • Erdogan President!
  • I am president with 52 percent of the votes
  • The people of Turkey regret voting for Erdogan once he starts becoming a dictator
  • You didn't listen to the government. You drank to much water and I said to stop
  • Why am I in jail?